Our activities span all media, but always start by defining and agreeing goals and objectives.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Identifying brand differentiation, preparing the market, and developing fresh communication strategies.

Key Opinion Leader development

Key Opinion Leader development

Fostering high-value relationships, supporting clinical experts, and partnering with leaders in the field of medicine.

Medical education

Medical education

Empowering target groups, raising disease awareness, developing brand advocates, and effecting prescribing pattern changes.

Meetings management

Meetings management

Growing key relationships and delivering key messages through live, high quality, and interactive meetings.



Defining, differentiating, and energising your brand through co-ordinated use of multiple print and/or digital platforms to access customers and deliver compelling high-impact communications.

Patient communications

Patient communications

Campaigns that speak the patient’s language and convey complex information in a simple, clear way.


Market access and pricing

Our sister company RJW is an industry-leading provider of strategic pricing and market access advice to pharmaceutical and medical device companies, working across all major markets.


Learning and development

Strategic L&D consultancy and delivery solutions, focused on creating robust, modern learning cultures for your people. Our strengths lie in understanding your organisation and developing bespoke, impactful, and relevant learning this will really engage your people.


Events and exhibitions

We create distinctive and powerful live experiences across the world. All with one aim: to bring people together.



Fuse is an exciting new initiative from The Mission Marketing Group. It explores the potential of emerging technologies in hardware and software to create transformative productions and services.

How we work



We take nothing at face value. Your brief goes under the microscope. We explore every aspect and immerse ourselves in beliefs and opinions as well as facts. Projects may be straightforward but can equally often be nuanced or lack clarity. Only when we have established the essence of our partner’s true needs, in terms of facts and emotions, can we construct our plans. 



In-depth research bridges the gap between our understanding of needs and development of creative strategy and tactics. Detailed exploration of brand and disease, audience segmentation and key messaging informs the baseline from which our strategic plan and creative brief can be developed.


Campaign construction

As our expert medical writing and creative design teams craft elegant and persuasive materials, we also forge and maintain great relationships with senior HCPs, liaise with clients around the globe and ensure compliance with regulatory and clinical guidelines.


Campaign evolution

We make sure systems are in place to monitor and evaluate response to the campaign, so that we can continue to adapt and perfect our work for maximum long-term impact.